Sadik Salukis!
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Puppy Lakota at 7 weeks!

Lakota Sadik Al Djiibaajah is the boy I chose from Sabine Horn's L Litter as my stud fee puppy. I cannot be more pleased with Lakota! He flew from Germany to Chicago and stayed a few days with good friend, Jaqi TerHaar. Then, Jaqi brought him to the SCOA National Specialty where I picked him up and drove all the way home to California. Lakota handled it
all like a seasoned pro. So easy! He is truly special!

Click HERE to see Lakota's pedigree.

Lakota and Kabria, best friends!

Lakota has integrated with his new family perfectly. Kabria could not be happier with her new "little brother" and the two spend hours playing and splashing in the pool during these hot summer months. Soon, Lakota will go out to the desert to learn all about jack rabbits with all the big dogs. Fun times ahead!

(Stay tuned for more of Lakota as he grows up and has many adventures!)

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