Sadik Salukis!
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GCh. Sadik RFR Summer Breeze, JC, CC, CM

SBIS GCh. DC. Sadik Pride and Joy, JC, SC

Ch. Lakota Sadik Al Djiibaajah, JC, CC, CM

Ch. Sadik Boys of Summer, JC

Sadik Vahevala

Pania Sadik Al Djiibaajah

Sparkle is enjoying her retirement with Trish and Jerry Adair
in Illinois!

Ella is enjoying life with the Grasseschi's in San Luis Obispo, CA!

Ch. Lorrequer Legacy to Sadik, JC

Sadik Ella's Summertime

Tanner is enjoying life with Rob Miller and Kyle King
in Northern Arizona!

Ch. Sadik RFR Autumn Breeze, JC

~ In Memoriam ~

(7/13/2000 ~ 10/25/2011)

MSBIS Ch. Sadik Solar Flare CD, RN, JC

(12/26/2001 ~ 3/13/2012)

Ch. Lorrequer Illusion at Sadik JC

(4/6/2006 ~ 7/5/2018)

MSBIS GCh. Sadik Seca Wind JC

(5/30/2004 ~ 12/3/2019)

Ch. Sadik Malina, JC

(1/8/2009 ~ 5/12/2020)

Ch. Sadik Akhtar Tequila Sunrise

(4/6/2006 ~ 12/2021)

Ch. Sadik Briza Wind, JC

(1/8/2009 ~ 8/2022)

SBIS GCH. Sadik Akhtar Piece of My Heart, JC

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